With Stem-Builder you can create complex branching interactions for learning.  It gives your learner the chance to practice and learn from experience.  

You can't learn to ride a bicycle from a book, and you can’t learn to ride a bike by watching a video, nor can you learn to read a bike by doing a quiz.

 We learn by doing, by exploring, and by making decisions.  We learn from  experience. 

Why doesn’t most learning work? It’s just information, but does it give your learners the chance to practice and perfect performance?

This is why we have built Stem-Builder — so you can quickly build learning where the learner has to make choices and decisions in complex systems, and get feedback on their actions.   

Some people call these branching scenarios, branching simulations, or branching stories.

Stem-Builder has two parts:

  1.  Stem-Player – a free, open-source player.  It’s open-source so that your learning is never locked into a proprietary system that you can’t control. 
  2.  Stem-Builder – a collaborative web application that makes it easy to author branching interactions.  It’s simple and easy to use. 

Stem-Builder currently being tested.  Later, there will be a premium version, and cloud and enterprise versions for organisations.  There will also be a free version.

Features we are currently working on include:  

  • Implementing all the features of Stem-Player into Stem-Builder
  • PDF and PowerPoint importing 
  • Improved control of visuals and editing 

Also, we are dreaming about the whole interface being a multi-touch map experience, and an HTML 5 version. 

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